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CAN bus and its benefits

Bus, connector, message, applications, standards and displays

In this guide you will find more informations about CAN bus, its uses and applications


The CAN (Controller Area Network) is a serial bus. Today it is widely used in various fields such as automotive, marine, industry...

It avoids a point by point communication approach and allows a significative reduction of the wiring complexity and quantity.

CAN connector

The standard connector for CAN is the SUB-D9, two pins are dedicated to the CAN signal (High (7) and Low (2) ), two are dedicated to the ground (V- (3) and (6) ) and an external power supply can also be transmitted (9).


Can bus data transmission

A CAN bus message is splitted in 8 parts :


SOF (Start Of Frame) : indicates the beginning of the message
CAN-ID : CAN message identifier and its priority
RTR : allows the system to request a message
Control : indicates the length of the data to be transmit
Data : Containing the information value
CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) : result of a calculation based on the number of transmitted information, it allows the detection of transmission errors
ACK : when the message is sucessfully transmltted to the receptor, the acknolegment informs the emettor

CAN bus benefits and applications

CAN bus has many benefits :
> Wiring reduction and simplification
> Performance : Up to 1Mbits (up to 50 meters) and a maximum length of 1600 meters (at 50Kbps)
> Robust and failure resilient

Its efficiency, its robustness and its simplicity are making the CAN bus communication a widely used system in automitive, marine, farming, industry, military...

CAN high-layer standards

> Aviation : ARINC 812 or ARINC 825
> Industrial automation : CANopen - EN 50325-4, DeviceNet
> Light electrical vehicles : EnergyBus - CiA 454
> Farming : ISOBUS - ISO 11783
> Automotive diagnosis : ISO-TP - ISO 15765-2, Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) - ISO 14229
> Militairy : MilCAN
> Marine : NMEA 2000 - IEC 61162-3
> Buses and trucks : SAE J1939
> Cars : SAE J2284

CAN bus displays

CAN bus displays allow the monitoring of system information (engines, generators, speed...)

Software application development is required for the interface of these multi-function displays, a SDK (Software Development Kit) can be included.


Veethree is Altronics partner concerning CAN bus displays for marine, farming, industry uses...

From 2.3" to 7", 8~32V DC power supply, IP66/67, touchscreen or not, high brightness, find our range of multi-function CAN bus displays

NMEA 2000 compatibility for marine applications

These CAN displays are compatible to the NMEA 2000 protocol for marine uses.


NMEA 2000 offers a lot of possibilities regarding boat installation. It allow the speed, depth, anemometer displaying but also all other engine, sensors information...

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