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Temperature detection of persons

Infrared thermometry of people for the prevention of potential risks

Altronics offers you a monitoring system, easy to install and use, for monitoring the temperature of people entering and/or circulating in your establishment and in your various sites.

Fever is one of the possible symptoms of COVID-19 and other viruses.

Automatic detection by measuring the temperature of people entering your site or your workshops can help prevent the risk of spreading viruses.

This measurement by thermal camera and without physical contact can help you limit the spread by taking appropriate action when a suspicion is detected.

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Advantages of temperature control via thermal cameras

• Automatic non-contact measurement
• Easy to install and use
• No modification of your existing installations
• Rapid implementation
• Autonomous

Altronics offers you its temperature detection system

Infrared temperature measurement is a simple to set up and robust solution for monitoring the risk of fever outbreaks.


This monitoring can, for example, be set up for all your staff and workers at the entrance to your site, or in strategic areas for anyone entering your workshops.

Simple installation

The installation of the software and the camera is done by simply connecting to any Windows PC with the software we provide.

The software is autonomous and allows to identify people with a suspicion of fever and therefore possible contagion.

The visualization is direct and alarms (audible, ...) can be set up according to your needs.

Altronics has developed a setup that allows you to be up and running as soon as your products are installed.

Known products and mastered technology

These products are in production, have proven themselves over many years and can be delivered according to your needs.

Altronics will help you with installation, configuration and customization to meet your local needs and requirements.


Our solution kits


Discover our Mono Scan and Multi Scan Detection solutions.

Reminder about our thermal imaging cameras

Thermal cameras are industrial equipment and cannot be assimilated to "medical devices" for diagnostic purposes.

In the event of a suspicion, the measure must be completed by a competent professional taking all the necessary protective measures.

Case of COVID-19: Temperature detection is not a test for the detection of COVID-19 but a decision support.

For more information, Altronics is at your service.

We remain at your disposal for any further information or help in setting up your project.

Contact Altronics for more information and discover our Mono Scan detection solutions and Multi Scan.

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