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Measuring sensors

Altronics prentns you its range of sensors

Altronics offers both display solutions (rack-mountable industrial displays, PC panels, workstations, machine tool displays) and non-contact measurement solutions (thermal cameras, pyrometers), transducers and sensors (pressure, torque, weighing, level, displacement...) for the control of your entire industrial process.


A sensor is a device that transforms the state of an observed physical quantity into a usable quantity, such as an electrical voltage.

Pressure transmitter


A pressure sensor measures a force exerted on a surface.
It consists of a pressure sensitive element to determine the pressure applied to the sensor, and components to convert this information into an output signal.

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Load cells


There are different types of load cells available depending on their applications:
▪️ Central support point: Only one sensor is placed under a platform on which the load is placed.
▪️ In flexion: Several sensors of this type are mounted under a metal structure and measure the weight applied to it...
▪️ Compression: Several load cells are placed under the structure (weighbridges) that receives the load.
▪️ Traction: The weight is suspended under one or more sensors.

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Displacement sensors


We offer displacement sensors from 55mm to 43m, depending on your needs.

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Level sensors


Submersible level sensor 0 to 475m deep.
Designed for accurate level measurement even in hostile environments (chemicals, corrosives...).

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