Altronics - Thermal cameras integration
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Thermal cameras integration

Critical reactor - Air Liquide

Air liquide is a french group, world leader and specialist in industrial gas working for the industry, the health, the research and the environment in 80 countries around the globe.

Customer need

Air liquide is monitoring the reactor temperature with a thermocouple mesh. It shows significant values differences, triggers fake alarms and requires to stop the entire process during maintenance operations.


This reactor being a critical installation, Air Liquide is considering a more reliable, modern and reproductible solution for its temperature measurement and monitoring.

Given solution

With the help of Actemium, Altronics installed a thermal cameras network. They allow a precise and contactless reactor temperature measurement by thermal imaging.


> ATEX boxes for junctions
> PIConnect software for the cameras display
> Direct SDK service for interface and data server


This installation gives several benefits :
> A new temperature monitoring system fully integrated to the automaton


> The areas that weren't measured by the mesh are now monitored.
> The maintenance operations no longer need to stop the process and are far less expensive.
> No more fake alarms triggering.
> The overall temperature of the reactor is monitored.

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