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Référence : VG-871B

Générateur de mires audio & vidéo avec interfaces : HDMI1.4, HBR/OB audio, CEC, DeepColor, Lip-Sync, HDCP, EDID...
Il permet de tester les sink, d'évaluer la qualité de l'image, de générer des paternes grâce à une commande à distance.
Existe aussi avec un contrôle à distance : VG-870B

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Caractéristiques techniques

  • HDMI
    Test patterns of 3D format specified in HDMI 1.4 standards are supported.
  • ARC (Audio Return Channel)
    ■ ARC audio return process between VG and TV(HDMI SINK) can be tested.
    ■ ARC test pattern with the status of CDC (Capability Discovery and Control) on
    CEC line and Audio information.
    ■ Audio output from coaxial connector can be used for checking on AV AMP or Audio Analyzer.
  • CEC Function
    CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) commands communication is supported. The communication result is displayed in a test pattern.
    DDC/CI communication inspection functions, HDCP certification tests and EDID parameter patterns are displayed.
  • AAC / AC3 Option
    AAC(Dolby Digital) and AC3 digital audio that is supported by the latest flat panel display is supported.
  • HBR / OB Full Audio Option
    ■ In addition to AAC and AC3, HBR(High-Bit-Rate) and OB(One-Bit) audio that is defined in the HDMI
    ■ Ver.1.3 is supported. By using the I2S interface, audio is embedded and output.
    ■ Compatible with the VG-849C-A “HBR/OB Audio
    ■ Compliance Tester” and compliance test software available as option.
  • SINK device Testing System
    ■ The VG-870B/871B can set the delay time of audio and video in the range of 0±500msec.
    ■ The shift amount of the sync of the SINK device can be measured if it is within the range of the HDMI 1.3a standard (±500msec) or not.

Caractéristiques principales

> Maximum 3 interfaces
> HDMI (xvYCC/Deep Color/CEC/Lip Sync/HBR, One bit rate audio)
> HDMI Lip Sync Testing Pattern
> DVI Dual Link 330MHz dot clock frequency
> Analog 250MHz dot clock frequency supported
> 4Kx2K Digital Cinema Format and Full HD 240Hz timing supported
> RGB 16-bit drawing
> Subtitle scrolling function
> Windows based control software SP-8870
> Terminal commands provided for PC control
> 1000 programs are saved in a CF card. The internal memory (about 100MB) can save program data, too.



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