Altronics - UFG-07 STD
Altronics - UFG-07 STD

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Altronics, integrator of display solutions in harsh industrial environments, is present at each edition of the Eurosatory exhibition which takes place every two years.

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Altronics supports you in the choice of a technical solution, its production, its delivery as well as its implementation for the control of your industrial process.

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CNC Moniteurs Altronics brand

Altronics brand specialised in tool machine monitors

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Altronics brand specialised in industrial hardened displays

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Part Number : UFG-07 STD

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UFG-07 STD is a high speed frame grabber for high definition video capture. With HDMI/DVI or analog inputs and a PCIe bus it can capture video streams up to 1920x1200p60.

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  • Inputs
    DVI or HDMI on DVI-I connector
    RGB or YPbPr on VGA connector
    S-video or CVBS on S-Video connector
  • Input Resolution
    640 x 480 to 1920 x 1200
  • Color Coding
    RGB, YPbPr
  • Color Depth
    24 bpp
  • Resolutions
    Automatically detect all VESA DMT/CVT and CEA 861-E timings up to 1080p60 and 1920x1200p60 (RB). PAL, NTSC, B/W. Automatic wide screen detection
  • SW Interface
    64 and 32 bit AVStream drivers (x64, WOW64, x86) with configuration dialog.
  • Bus Interface
    PCIe x1 (1.0) w scatter-gather DMA.
  • Operating Systems
    Windows® 8, 7 or XP (64/32
  • Size
    146 x 97 mm

Main features

HDMI/DVI and RGB capturing up to 1920x1200p60
High Speed PCIe bus
Separate inputs for HDMI/DVI, RGB/YPbPr and S-Video/CVBS
DirectShow AVSteam driver with configuration dialog



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